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Missing Blue Nose Pit (Royal) in Ukiah, CA

The following is from my friend. It’s her & her family’s dog. I’ve been posting to various Facebook groups about it:


Our blue nose pitbull named Royal is missing! She is super friendly but is very timid of strangers. She went missing around Peach street in Ukiah by Big Lots around 5 o’clock today(December 2nd). If anyone has seen her or may have her please contact me at (916) 844-8908. Our family really misses her and really appreciate your help. Thank you!



Missing Pitbull (Mocha) in Ukiah, CA


This was posted by Tim Sutton at the Lost Pet – Found Pet –  Mendocino County Facebook group: My pitbull Mocha ran off last night while we were out hiking up cow mountain. She’s white with brown markings and has a pink collar. Her tag was not on the collar. She’s super friendly and I’m sure who ever found her probably wants to keep her but I would really love to have her back. Already called animal control in mendo county. Reach me here or at 415 678 8170 thank you

Canned Food Drive at the Ukiah Animal Shelter

This is at the shelter where I volunteer. Though, I’m sure there are similar efforts being made all across the country & even world. If you’re able to contribute, please do. We & the animals thank you.


Found Pitbull in Ukiah, CA


This was posted by Celine Dumont at the Lost Pet – Found Pet –  Mendocino County Facebook group: This guy just wandered into our yard on Black Oak Dr. In Ukiah by Lake Mendocino. Looks like a blue pit bull, he isn’t neutered, looks a bit older, wearing a brown leather collar, and seems to be malnourished. If you know who he belongs to please message me or my sister Cléo Dumont, or call/text me 707-621-3929, Cleo 707-621-2969

Update (11-27-16) Lost Husky (Kody) in Ukiah, CA


He had been taken to the Ukiah shelter & has now been reunited with his family. I’m posting this for my friend’s  dad. He adopted a Husky at the Ukiah shelter. It ran off last night (11-19) when the electric fence malfunctioned. This was in Ukiah around the Robinson Creek & Hwy 253 area. Shelter name, Klondike, now, Kody. He is neutered, licensed & chipped. He is friendly. Thanks for keeping an eye out for him. Do contact me if you have any information.

Foster Orientation at the Ukiah Animal Shelter


This is at the shelter where I volunteer. My husband & I will be going to the foster orientation when we have room. We do in our hearts, but, we currently live in a studio & are looking to purchase a home. We have a 19 year old kitty that we adopted 14 years ago. We’re ready to have other furbabies again. Please pass this on to your friends & readers. Some of them may be in this area & interested in attending. Thanks.