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Missing Calico Tabby (Bob) in San Anselmo, CA


This was posted by Ashley Sophia at the Lost and Found Pets of Marin/Sonoma County/Bay Area, Ca Facebook group: Bob is missing from my parents house in San Anselmo. I just found out she isn’t micro chipped please please keep an eye out for her. She’s an indoor only cat and somehow has managed to escape we think.


Orange Tabby (Caramel Cone) Missing from Yuba City, CA

This was posted by Candy Wallace on behalf of Haven Humane Society at the Lost & Found Pets……..Northern California! Facebook group:



Polydactyl Tabby (Catty) Missing in Clearlake Riviera, CA


This was posted by Stephanie Slikkerveer at the Lost Pet – Found Pet – Lake County Facebook group: My daughters 7yr old Polydactyl cat named Catty has disappeared. She was last seen 12/31/16 on Olympia Dr in the Riv. Very uncharacteristic of her to be gone this long. Really hoping someone has just let her in and hasn’t let her out yet. Please message or call if you have seen her or have her. (707)2454408

Romeo (Ginger Kitty) has an Untraditional Appearance


What is normal & who would want to conform to it anyway? This kitty kept being passed over because his looks were unconventional. Then Santuario Compasion Animal (animal sanctuary in Spain) heard about him & knew they had to bring him into their rescue. He now has all the treats, lovies & pals a kitty could ask for. Please go to, Hi Homer, to see the touching vid.

Keta (Grey Tabby) Given a Second Chance with Surgery


She was living as a stray, until, she was taken to a kill shelter, where her future was uncertain. They noticed she had a baseball sized tumor on her mouth which gave her a deformity. Though it didn’t keep her from enjoying her food. At under a year old, they wanted to give this kitty another chance. That’s where Unwanted NYC Pets came in.

They worked hard to find just the right care & treatment for her. They biopsied, x-rayed & cleaned the tumor. She seemed to know that they were doing all they could to make her better. She purred at them, showing her gratitude.

Dr Tomas Infernuso performed the surgery & she’s doing quite well. Now all she needs is a forever family. That’s her only wish this Christmas. Perhaps you or someone you know could fulfill it for her. Please go to, Love Meow for the rest of the article & more pics. 


Fostered Kitties in Need of Rehoming in Clearlake, CA


This was posted by Victoria Garcia-Shipley on behalf of Suisei Heidebrecht at the Rehoming Pets Sonoma Facebook group: These sweet kitties are looking for their FUREVER homes. Well taken care of by a loving family in Clearlake. Call/pm/text Suisei Heidebrecht (707) 489-4067. Just an FYI, she does not drive at night. 

•Siamese female fixed 1 year
•Calico female fixed 1 – 2 Year’s •Orange male. 2 years fixed.
•Orange kitten 4 months
•Grey kitten shots not fixed 4 months.
•Black kitten shots not fixed 4 months.
•Orange striped is one year