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Paw Prints on My Heart Pet Shop

Hi, everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’ve been wanting to have an online store for several years. What held me back is, I have a background in customer service, not, marketing. The times I’ve needed to promote something (an affiliate program, for example), it didn’t go so well. I figured, this time around, a smart business person would delegate the responsibility to those who are skilled in that area. Though, I will still do some of my own advertising.

I wasn’t sure what my focus would be & then, it came to me. Pet products & animal themed items. It fits so well. I volunteer with the kitties at the shelter here in Ukiah. I have a blog for lost/found/rescue pets & those needing to be rehomed/fostered/adopted in NorCal. I have a rescue/rehome group on here that incorporates the counties for area code 707. Throughout my life (including with my husband), I’ve done rescuing & adopting. Though, in a much smaller way than I’d like to. I’ve/we’ve also never fostered.

As some of you know, my husband & I have been working on getting a home. We’re stalled in the loan process. We have good credit & references. Due to disabilities & health issues, we both work from home. As an independent contractor, projects vary, as does income. This venture should be just what is needed. We had a mobile in Cloverdale for seven years. Then, life went topsy turvy for awhile. We’ve been in this studio for three years. We’re thankful for it, though, it’s definitely been less than ideal, to say the least. Won’t go into details, but, happy to share in private.

Besides wanting a house that we can truly call a home, we want a place where we can seriously start rescuing/fostering/adopting. As you know, there are more animals needing loving, nurturing homes than those who can provide them. We want to be one of those families. We’ve been told we should probably do quite well with that. 10% of the proceeds will be given to MSPR (Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue).

At this time my store carries toys & supplies. Limited on food & treats. My current suppliers don’t tend to have those. I am looking for additional ones. I also have animal related items, such as, jewelry & crafts. Besides them having cats & dogs, they include other animals, such as, wolves & tigers. I hope to always have free shipping, a sale every second weekend of the month (50% off on select items), loyal customers who have made 10 purchases will receive a special code for 25% off their entire 11th order. I will be adding other options down the road.

Any questions or requests, please send to: pawprintsonmyheartpetshop@gmail.com I have a page on Facebook for the shop: https://www.facebook.com/yourpetproducts/ The actual shop: https://pawprintsonmyheartpetshop.com/ I hope that you find what you seek. Do keep checking back & please share this with everyone you know. It will help create a better present & future for us & the animals we take in & at MSPR.


Items Needed at the Clearlake (CA) Animal Control


This was posted by Victoria Garcia-Shipley Lost Pet – Found Pet – Lake County, California Facebook group: 

Welcome Clearlake Animal Control new animal control officer, Cheri Richards. Supply & Medical Budget is low and they could use HELP
•She states that the dogs (no kitties now) need SUPPLIES!

Some needed items are:
Dog beds, blankets, towels, dog sweaters (Sm, Med, Lg, Xlg), treats, toys, canned dog food, ProBiotic Supplements, organic calming pills, puppy formula, De-wormer for tape worms, pill pockets for administering meds at the kennels, clip heat lamps.
•If you can help, please drop supplies off at:
Clk Police Dept/Animal Control
Cheri Richards, AC Officer
8am-5pm M-Fri
14050 Olympic Dr, Clearlake
707-994-8251 x115
Clearlake Kennels located at
The City Public Works Yard:
6820 Old Hwy 53 Clearlake
10am-12noon •• M-F
Otherwise by appointment by calling 707-994-8201 x115.
Cash or Check DONATIONS:
•Make check payable to:
City of Clearlake
Note for: Animal Control
14050 Olympic Dr,
Clearlake CA 95422
Walk-in accepted 8-5 be sure to state for Animal Control

•CREDIT CARD DONATIONS call Juanita 707-994-8201 x340 and state it’s for Animal Control.

💞All the cash donations help with injured stray animals medical needs and supplies!!!