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Jude (Pit Mix) Set to be Euthanized Tomorrow, July 18, in Martinez, CA

The following was posted on my Facebook timeline by the Save the Contra Costa County Shelter Dogs: VERY URGENT, SCHEDULED FOR EUTH ON TUESDAY morning, July 18 – 2 yr old pittie mix JUDE #A890172 needs his luck to change fast if he is to make it out of CCAS alive. He came into the shelter after a fight with another dog that left him with injuries to his head and front legs. Then he came down with a bad case of kennel cough. And now he is offline and headed for euth on Tuesday unless a rescue/foster miracle somehow happens for him before then! His temp test notes are say he is “pushy and challenging” but volunteers only saw a friendly playful dog when they worked with him today as his video shows – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vlVS3iEwE5c&feature=youtu.be .JUDE deserves a loving home with the training and support all young dogs need but he will not make it without rescue/foster ASAP. If you think you could save this boy’s life by fostering or fostering to adopt him, please contact a local rescue group ASAP or comment here so we can connect you with one. Rescues – JUDE should be eligible for CCAS bridge funds to assist with any extra medical care so please comment here or PM us if you’re considering him in addition to contacting the CCAS rescue coordinator directly at nancy.rhee@asd.cccounty.us – we may be able to help. JUDE is at the Martinez shelter at 4800 Imhoff Place, hoping someone will give him the “helping paw” he has missed out on so far. Further info available at 925-608-8400 or 925-608-8430. (Original post at Operation Paws Rescue).

Video link – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vlVS3iEwE5c&feature=youtu.be


Urgent–German Shepherd in Need of Adoption in Martinez, CA


This was posted on the Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter Facebookpage on behalf of Save the Contra Costa County Shelter Dogs: URGENT! NEEDS RESCUE/FOSTER/ADOPTER!! Had a chance to spend some time with this guy today. He’s estimated to be about 7 years old and it’s clear life hasn’t been good to him. He is extremely skinny, seems to have some loss of muscle mass in his hind legs and has significant hair loss most likely from fleas. But he’s still a friendly guy with a goofy side! He really perked up when I brought out the tennis ball. He is already offline and marked for euth, but doesn’t appear to have been signed off yet when I checked today (Saturday). I do not know what the plan is for him, but I imagine he is urgent, if not only because he would so much rather have a good home where he can feel special and loved and have a comfy place to rest! Shelter ID #A864531

Contra Costa County Animal Services – Martinez
4800 Imhoff Pl, Martinez, CA 94553

(925) 335-8300