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Please Share What I Post–I & the Animals Thank You


Hi, everyone. Since WP notifies us of comments, follows & likes, it stands to reason they’d also make us aware of any shares. It seems, this would go without saying, but, a blog like this is definitely meant to be shared. Not so I can receive more traffic. It’s so the animals who are lost, found, in need of rescuing, rehoming, fostering or adopting can have a positive outcome. 

Perhaps you don’t live in NorCal. Your friends, family and/or readers might. Or, people they know might. The more people this information goes out to, the better. I have every sharing option offered that WP makes available. For these furbabies sake, please do share. Thanks.


Missing Red Heeler in Marysville/Yuba City, CA

This was posted by Margaret Korbus on the Lost & Found Pets……..Northern California! Facebook group: missingyubacity

What This Blog is About

I’m 47 & have been an animal lover my whole life. I have a special affinity for kitties, as, I’ve literally had them in my life since I was born. Many of those were adopted or came to us as strays. I’ve continued that with my husband. Who also has had cats his whole life.

Most of the information I post on here will be about lost/found pets & animals to foster/adopt. Primarily from NorCal, as, that’s the area we’re in. As this will be an international readership, there will also be some from other states & countries. If you’d like something added, please contact me.

Much of what I put on here will be uplifting. Though, I am a realist, so, sometimes there will be mention of the unpleasant side, including, those who neglect & abuse animals. The more people who are aware of this reprehensible behavior, the sooner we can eradicate it all together. Thanks for stopping by & hope that you enjoy your time here.

Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter



A couple of months ago I went to the orientation for the local animal shelter here. I had been wanting to volunteer (with animals, especially) for, at least, 20 years. Health & other circumstances kept me from it. Though, I would check into it, from time to time. Including things I could do online.

Three months ago I decided, even though things still aren’t quite ideal, including with our living situation, it felt like it was the right time to volunteer. I’m glad I am. It’s been the most rewarding & uplifting experience I’ve ever had.

This is the Facebook page for the shelter: Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter  The pic is of one of the dogs, Lincoln, available for adoption. He can be seen at the Ukiah Animal Shelter, which is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm with Wednesdays open late until 7pm. The address is 298 Plant Road Ukiah, CA.

Though most of my posts will pertain to animals in NorCal, as, that’s where we live, I expect to have an international readership, sothere will be items added about animals in other states & countries. Even if you’re not from the area that the post is about, please do consider sharing. The more people it reaches, the better for these animals. Thanks.