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National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day–May 8

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One important thing is to stock a pet first aid kit. Which would include: an assortment of bandages, pads and rolls of gauze, tweezers (for removing splinters, debris from eyes, etc.), pet thermometer, bottled water (enough for 5-7 days). To learn of more items to add & other ways to be prepared, please click on, The Contemporary Pet


Missing Chihuahua in Clearlake Park, CA


This was posted by Victoria Garcia-Shipley at the Lake County CA Lost Pets Facebook group. I covered the little girl’s face for privacy’s & safety’s sake. My daughter’s and my dog has been missing since Saturday morning he is two years old and has severely bad medical problem he needs his medications if anyone has any information about our dog please contact us at(707)530-1571 u can ask for Bonnie our James thank you…

For the Love of Alex, Inc



They’re a  nonprofit corporation in Telford, PA dedicated to the care and rescue of domestic animals with a primary goal of funding life-saving medical care for animals in need. They work with reputable veterinary hospitals to establish funds for families who are unable to afford veterinary care for their beloved pet.

The founder of the organization has a kitty, Alex (hence the name). Who went through a difficult time with bladder stones. If they hadn’t had surgery it could have caused a blockage & kidney failure. My husband & I lost two cats (Tyler & Shane) due to this. Alex’ person was able to afford the operation, but, not everyone can (for whatever their pet might need) & that’s how For the Love of Alex was born. So others would be able to get the help their furbaby required. I’m thankful there are people with hearts like this who want to make a difference.