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14 Year Old Boy Saves Kitty Thrown on Highway


Last Sun, the 12th, Erin Brown was driving her son, Gavin, to a birthday party. Right in front of them, on the highway, someone opened a window & tossed a cat out. As she came to a stop, her son got out & signaled the traffic to stop, so he could catch the kitty. Who was darting all around & was heading for the overpass to jump off. Fortunately, he caught him in time.

After reading the story on Facebook, a Good Samaritan stepped forward to help pay the majority of the cost for the kitty’s (who has since been named Lucky) medical expenses. Lucky is now Gavin’s cat & is very thankful for his rescuer & new friend. To read the rest of the short article & see more pics, please go to: Love Meow.


A Statue for Brutus


Brutus was a beloved kitty who would spend part of his day at a market near his home in Saltney, UK. He was born with polycystic kidney disease, which, didn’t stop him from making the rounds at the shop. Where he brightened many of the customers day & they looked forward to seeing him. Perhaps this helped prolong his life. On Jan 16, though, it was time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Where he is now perfect, whole & complete & enjoying making new friends. To honor him, the store will be erecting a statue to him, so the customers will have something remember him by. Please go to, Love Meow, for more pics.

Keta (Grey Tabby) Given a Second Chance with Surgery


She was living as a stray, until, she was taken to a kill shelter, where her future was uncertain. They noticed she had a baseball sized tumor on her mouth which gave her a deformity. Though it didn’t keep her from enjoying her food. At under a year old, they wanted to give this kitty another chance. That’s where Unwanted NYC Pets came in.

They worked hard to find just the right care & treatment for her. They biopsied, x-rayed & cleaned the tumor. She seemed to know that they were doing all they could to make her better. She purred at them, showing her gratitude.

Dr Tomas Infernuso performed the surgery & she’s doing quite well. Now all she needs is a forever family. That’s her only wish this Christmas. Perhaps you or someone you know could fulfill it for her. Please go to, Love Meow for the rest of the article & more pics. 


Sophie & Scottie–Two Kitty Besties

This was such a cute story. I know that animals don’t have exactly the same type of connections as humans do. I have experienced kitties bonding. Including our own. Other animals do that as well. That’s what happened with these two. Though, it took some persistence on Scottie’s part. Whenever Sophie went outside, there he’d be, watching her. At first she’d rebuff him. Little by little he got closer & she finally allowed him to hang out with her. She’s definitely in charge, but, it seems she has come to enjoy his company. Please go to, Love Meow, to read the article & see the pics & vids. I don’t know if it’s because the pics are shared from Instagram or they don’t allow it, but, I’m not able to save any pics to post here.

Senior Special Needs Kitty (Otitis) has Found Their Forever Human


This is one of those stories that brought tears to me eyes. So touching & uplifting. Otitis is an older special needs kitty. He had developed cysts on his ears that his people couldn’t afford to have treated. They surrendered him to the Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore. Due to his condition he had to have his ears removed. As many of you are probably aware, senior & challenged animals are often overlooked. Fortunately for him, a young lady who had grown up on a farm which included kitties, was looking for a companion. She had been having anxiety due to a car accident. She knew that kitties could be a good source of emotional support which she’d reciprocate. She was specifically seeking an older special needs kitty. When she saw Otitis she fell in love. They are both grateful to have each other. Please go to, Love Meow, to read the article & look at the pics & vids.

When Animals Have a Special Bond


When Romeo (ginger tabby) was brought in to the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in Chula Vista, CA he became sick & despite all of their efforts nothing worked. The trouble was, he was missing his friend, Juliet. She was a mini Schnauzer that they had found with him huddled under a car together. Juliet was comforting & protecting him. Usually dogs & cats are kept separate at the facility. When they reunited the pair, Romeo perked right up. They have bonded & the organization is looking for them to be adopted out together. To read the short article & to see the pics, go to: Love Meow

The Cat Man of Aleppo (Syria)


In 2012, when people left their war torn country, in search of a better life, many left behind cats. Mohammad Alaa Jaleel became their caretaker. He started a sanctuary, Il Gattaro d’Aleppo so that they’d have a place to live. To read the short article & view the pics & vids, please click on: Love Meow