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Senior Special Needs Kitty (Otitis) has Found Their Forever Human


This is one of those stories that brought tears to me eyes. So touching & uplifting. Otitis is an older special needs kitty. He had developed cysts on his ears that his people couldn’t afford to have treated. They surrendered him to the Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore. Due to his condition he had to have his ears removed. As many of you are probably aware, senior & challenged animals are often overlooked. Fortunately for him, a young lady who had grown up on a farm which included kitties, was looking for a companion. She had been having anxiety due to a car accident. She knew that kitties could be a good source of emotional support which she’d reciprocate. She was specifically seeking an older special needs kitty. When she saw Otitis she fell in love. They are both grateful to have each other. Please go to, Love Meow, to read the article & look at the pics & vids.