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Missing German Shepherd (Tosen) in Chico, CA

This was posted by Susan Jerenz Bennett at the Lost & Found Pets……..Northern California! Facebook group: 



Missing Black Lab Mix in Chester, CA


This was posted by Cindy Howarth at the Lost & Found Pets……..Northern California! Facebook group: REWARD! We are offering a reward to anyone that finds our Black Lab/Mix. Missing since sat. Feb 4th. went missing in Chester! We think she may have ran off due to fireworks that night. She is not a hunting dog. she has a small amount of white on the bottom of her chin, a little bit of white across her chest and on her right front paw. Also tiny bit of white on back paw. We appreciate everyone that is helping us look for her! Thank you! 530-370-2535. Please share!

Odin (Pittie) in Need of a Forever Family in Anderson, CA


This was posted by Marta Mantzouranis on behalf of Save the Nor-Cal Shelter Dogs at the PURRS (Pets United Rescue and Rehoming of Stanislaus © 501c3) Facebook group:

Poor Odin….

– 6 months in the shelter, and ZERO interest. For some reason black dogs are less often adopted at shelters. He sits in his kennel and watches other dogs walk by that found homes…

When will someone pick him?

He’s a good boy. He LOVES his tennis ball and butt scratches. He knows sit, lie down, shake and “give me a kiss”. He does best with dogs his own size.

Please consider saving Odin… please adopt him.

Odin is at:
Haven Humane Society
7449 Eastside Rd Anderson CA
530 241 1653

Missing Dog in Vallejo, CA


This was posted by Bettie Phillips on behalf of Bob Grassi at the Solano/Napa County – Pet Detectives Facebook group:

This is a post for everybody in Vallejo that is near Six Flags. My dog got out of the house last night at 5 pm. Thanks to the kindness of a good woman my dog had shelter through the storm.But he broke out of her garage when she took her children to school. My dog is sick and has siesures and needs his daily medication or he can go into a siesure and never come out of it and die. He has been without for 2 days now. SO I BEG ANYONE, PLEASE IF YOU SEE HIM WALKING THE STREET PLEASE ! CALL ANIMAL CON TO SO I CAN GET HIM HOME SAFELY !!!


BOB 707 980 8307

TINA 925 497 8649

Rescue Dog (Ghetti) in Need of Surgery


This was posted by Alana Hastings on behalf of Rosalie Dawn at the Ukiah Lost/Found Pets Facebook group: Our rescued pup, Ghetti is doing well on her medication but she definitely needs surgery it was estimated at $3,500 😥 but the Dr cannon at wasson memorial veterinary clinic in Lakeport gave us a rescuers discount so now it’s going to be $2,625.💚 We have a GoFundMe up for her or you can call the wasson clinic and make a donation. Our GoFundMe is www.GoFundMe.com/pleasehelpussaveghetti we have made $275 but we still need more for her surgery.. she has an appointment tomorrow for the operation we hope we can work out a payment plan with the vet so it can still be done. If you can’t donate we totally understand, please share if you don’t mind it would help alot I need this to get around everywhere so we can save this beautiful soul!!

Lost Schnauzer (Buddy) in Suisun City, CA


This was posted by Courtney Davis-Landrum at the Solano and Napa County Animal Rescue Facebook group: Hi, my name is Buddy. A male schnauzer. I’m lost as of 1/22/2017. I’m 8-10yo and on a special food diet and daily meds. I have an ear infection, it’s being treated w/ Tipton. My ears are not cropped, my tail is not docked and I have a black birth mark on my tongue. I was groomed the day before I got lost. I was last seen on Wigeon Way, Suisun Ca. Please call my mommy at 707-373-0652 and help get me home. I’m not chipped. POMS