November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

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I was at the shelter last, Fri, 10 to noon. That being my usual day & time to volunteer. Of the kitties that are currently available for adoption, we have one four year old & another that might be that age or a little older. Neither are seniors. As for the dogs, I don’t think we have any in that age range either.

Since cats can often live longer than dogs, especially if they’re indoor only, senior often starts for them at past 10. For many dogs, that age is their upper limit. So, being a senior for them is considered what the last 25% of their life is.

We have two senior kitties. Both 11. Though, the way they run around, chase & wrestle each other, you’d never know it. Do you have or have you had an older animal companion?


Senior Special Needs Kitty (Otitis) has Found Their Forever Human


This is one of those stories that brought tears to me eyes. So touching & uplifting. Otitis is an older special needs kitty. He had developed cysts on his ears that his people couldn’t afford to have treated. They surrendered him to the Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore. Due to his condition he had to have his ears removed. As many of you are probably aware, senior & challenged animals are often overlooked. Fortunately for him, a young lady who had grown up on a farm which included kitties, was looking for a companion. She had been having anxiety due to a car accident. She knew that kitties could be a good source of emotional support which she’d reciprocate. She was specifically seeking an older special needs kitty. When she saw Otitis she fell in love. They are both grateful to have each other. Please go to, Love Meow, to read the article & look at the pics & vids.

Shelter Animals & Seniors


Many care homes don’t allow people to have pets. Which is unfortunate, since, having an animal companion can give meaning to a person’s life & be something to look forward to. Some seniors can become depressed.They don’t have the same amount of independence or they don’t receive visitors.To name a couple of reasons. Having an animal to be responsible for can give them a sense of purpose. Besides getting unconditional love. One facility in Thousand Oaks, CA connects the residents with rescues. To read the brief article & to view the vid, please click here. The pic wasn’t taken from the article, as, they didn’t have any that accompanied it. I just chose one from a shelter in Thousand Oaks that looked like one of the dogs in the story.