8 Home Remedies for Minor Dog Emergencies


If you’re like me, you prefer natural supplements & alternative methods when it comes to health care. Though, sometimes we have to go the medical route to get us where we need to be. Of course the former costs much less & doesn’t usually have side effects. 

There are plenty of home remedies for our pets as well. When one of our male cats was having a UTI, I did order from a site called, Native Remedies. It was a bottle of granules that you sprinkle & mix in their canned food. He had went to the vet for the same issue & at that time, it cost $500. The bottle was 10% of that. 

So far that’s the only thing we’ve tried that didn’t come from a vet. It did the trick & we’d use it again. We currently don’t have any dogs, but, just may try the things suggested at (click on the name), Healthy Pet, when we do. Such as for, fleas, upset stomach & skunk encounter. Has anyone here tried them? Some of these might also work on cats. It would be a good idea to do research on that first. 


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