Kittie Clan in Need of Donations


This was posted by April Mueller at the Friends of Ferals Facebook group: It’s that time again! The Feral Kittie Clan needs YOU! These 36 precious Kitties depend on kindhearted donations to keep them happy, healthy & well fed babies! We are in desperate need of food! We go through almost 3 Cases a day & 1 Bag of dry at least every 2 days! That’s 21 Cases a week!! 🙀🙀🙀The Kittie Clan has an Amazon Wish List..just purchasing 1 Case or 1 Bag can make a huge difference! So get to know some of the Kitties below & order tonight! Thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts & their furry little paws!! 💜😻💞🐾😘💗
Note: We are proud to say all these Kitties have been spayed & neutered & fully vaccinated! Most are Feral but I’ve been able to tame a few! They have lots of housing including the Kittie Mansion (Purple House pictured fully furnished & insulated) & Lucy’s Haven (acclimating housing fully furnished & insulated with Cat Towers etc) & 13 little houses located behind the Kittie Mansion. 💜😻
Some never before seen photos included below my Feral Kittie Clan Lovers! 💜😻
PayPal is
The Kittie Clan has an Amazon Wish List! 💜😻…/wi…/D4DICYK6G0IP/ref=topnav_lists_1

Follow The Lives of The Feral Kittie Clan on Facebook @
Feral Kittie Clan Lovers


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