$20 Cat Spay/Neuter for Fresno, CA Residents–Through the H.O.P.E Animal Foundation

H.O.P.E. Animal Foundation (Halt Overpopulation with Prevention and Education) was established in 1998 in answer to the increasing concern over the vast numbers of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens put to death in shelters every day. In fact, California spends over $250 million each year to care for over 1 million unwanted and abandoned pets. Sadly, more than half of those animals are eventually put down.


H.O.P.E. chose to build a clinic, rather than, a shelter because spay and neuter plays a key role in reducing pet overpopulation and, in turn, saving the lives of animals.

*Owner must present CA issued photo ID with a Fresno address at time of drop off or you will not get the discount.** If you live in Fresno County your ID must say Fresno, CA.
*Make appointment online www.hopeaf.com or over the phone 559.271.0209
*Limit to 3 per household
*Cannot be combined with any other discounts
*Friendly, domestic cats only (no ferals)
*Rabies vaccine required. If no proof is shown, a rabies vaccine will be administered for $15.
*Owner of pet must be present at time of drop off
*Minimum for surgery: 8 weeks and 2 pounds
*Females must be 3 months post partum (3 months after having kittens) in order to be spayed
*Valid while funding lasts
*Additional charges for: pregnant, fleas, mites, ticks or worms


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