Found Chiweenie in Stockton, CA


This was posted by Emily Johnson at the Lost and Found Pets 209 Facebook group: Found last night (2/17/17) approx. 6:30pm in Food 4 Less parking lot Weston Ranch, small dog, looks to be Chiweenie… Came right up to my daughter Not Skittish at all, A Real Sweetheart.. Looks to be well taken care of, clean teeth, well groomed (with exception of nails needing a trim). Was Not Found With Harness In Pic This Is Mine.. Does fine with harness and leash to be taken out to go potty… appears to be crate trained. Hasn’t barked once, very well trained… Must identify with proof if yours. Currently safe in my home, however if owner(s) unable to be located within a week or two will begin contacting rescue or no kill shelter. If you Believe this could be your lost loved one, please call or text 209) 445-7074.


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