Winnie (Grey & White Kitty) Seeking Her Forever Home in Manitowoc, WI


This was shared on the Shelter Pet Project Facebook page: You know who thinks I’m beautiful and wonderful and amazing? The Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy! He chose me — yes ME! — in a national photo contest!

And yet, here I sit at the Free Roaming Feline Program in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, start the New Year all alone… after four long years of waiting.

I am very sweet, and just around 5 years old. I love to be petted although I like it best when it’s MY idea. I purr when I’m combed and love my chase toys! I can be shy, which is why I can’t go to adoption events, and sometimes don’t put my best paw forward (although the Cat Daddy saw right through me!).

I like nice male cats, but I can also be your one and only if that’s what you prefer. I don’t need a mansion, and would be very happy living in an apartment or a small home, as long as it’s quiet and peaceful.

I’m very healthy, and my adoption fee has been paid already, so you can spend all that money buying me treats. I like chicken!

Since I’m too amazing to resist, just call 920-758-3373 or email to set up a meeting!

Or, if you live far, far away, you can share me — I’m told that’s what nice people do, and you all seem VERY nice to me!




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