Pitbull or Pitbull Mix Spay/Neuter Program at Lake County (CA) Animal Control

This was posted by Victoria Garcia-Shipley at the Clearlake Area Lost or Found pets Facebook group:


•ANY Lake county pitbull or pitbull mix can be brought in for spay or neuter (NO INCOME verification required)
• Proof of current rabies shot on paper must be brought in or there will be a $8.00
• The charge for surgery does not include a cone. You have the option of bringing in your own cone or purchasing one for $9.00 If your pet does not leave with a cone and dog reptures the stitches by licking, etc there will be a charge for additional services
• The dog is sedated during surgery and pain meds are given at the facility. The owner has the option of purchasing ADDITIONAL pain meds to take home if they feel they want them for their dog
•New TIME! If you are dropping off an animal for surgery, drop off is between 8:00am and 8:30am. pick up for dogs is between 530pm and 6pm. *For dog pick up, call 349-5331. once you arrive at the shelter. Clinic staff will meet you at the front door.

Call on the 1st of the month for appointments the following month. Space fills up within three days! 707-263-0278.

BESURE to CALL BACK ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH if they get filled. !!!💥💥 They get filled quickly. Phone lines open 8am-5pm

• All other dog/cat breeds follow low income guidelines by calling for an application

Lake County Animal Control
4949 Helbush Dr. Lakeport
Phone hours:
8am-5pm • Mon-Fri


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