Thanks to You, My Readers/Visitors


Hi, everyone. It means so much to me to have the support of my readers & visitors. Though the type of blog I have can be entertaining, informational, inspirational, humorous & such, even more so it’s about connecting all of us in a common purpose. Which is the welfare & well being of all animals. Since my posts mainly pertain to lost/found/rescue pets & those needing to be rehomed/fostered/adopted (primarily in NorCal), it’s paramount that it’s shared with those you know. The more people it reaches, hopefully, the quicker & better the outcome. I have all of the sharing options (that WordPress makes available) listed for each post. 

In the coming year & beyond, I do hope to get to know some of you better. You’re always welcome to leave me a message here or, at my email: I go into, pretty much, every interaction with the anticipation that a new friendship will be developed. If you would like me to share about your cat, dog, bird, horse, rabbit, hamster, snake, fish, etc please let me know. They don’t have to be missing. Thanks.


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