Miss Kali (Pittie) in Need of Adoption in Lakeport, CA

This was posted by Sarah White on behalf Save the NorCal Shelter Dogs at the Lake County, CA  Animals 4 Sale  or free to good homes Facebook group:  Can We Help Spread the Word for Kali?

Miss Kali didnt get picked up at the shelter by her owner, because they said they didnt want to scoop her Poo up in the yard anymore.

My personal Opinion, she deserves better anyway by the sounds of it. She has NO Interest right now. She is at the Lake County Shelter. They contacted us to see if we might be able to spread the word about how great she is, and in turn, maybe her forever home can save her.

Her are the notes in her file about her:
” NICE, NICE dog. This 7 year old Pit loves to go for walks. She does pull on the leash, but after 20 minutes of gentle leash training she was walking on a loose leash- not perfectly, but it is clear that this girl is happy to learn and follow a program if she knows what the handler wants.
Out in the yard, she explored. She did not come consistently when called; however, when she knows that a treat awaited her, she was much more consistent and came when called, even when another dog approached the fence. Again, this dog responds very well to positive reinforcement and training.
She allows handling of ears, mouth, paws; no reaction with a tail tug as a child might do.
She met with a larger female Pit and a small female mix. After cursory sniffs, she wasn’t interested in playing, but was very calm with both dogs at close quarters.
She does tent to jump up; not height seeking behavior, it’s more like, “I want a hug”; however, she stops when the person turns away without responding- again, this dog is responsive to gentle correction and redirection.
In the cat room, she was not interested in the cats. With a cat on the floor next to her, she sniffed and turned away, giving her attention to the handler.
She does not food guard with humans; and did not compete with the other dog when being fed high value treats at closer quarters.
(I think) this dog is suitable for a home with other dogs and cats, after careful introduction and supervision, until it is clear (ie. After she has been in her new home for several weeks) all animals are getting along. Because she jumps up, older children would be best. She is very affectionate and sweet.”

GENERAL SHELTER INFO : 4949 Helbush Drive Lakeport, CA 95453(707) 263-0278 Open M-F 8am-5pm Saturday 1pm-3pm (We do not answer the phone on Saturday)


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