11 Dogs in Need of Adoption (Scheduled to be Euthanized) in Modesto, CA

This was posted Ava and Erin Corcoran on behalf of Nancy Klein at the CA – Rescue, Foster & Adoption Network © Facebook group: Rescue Community… WE HAVE AN URGENT CRISIS at Stanislaus shelter in Modesto.

14 dogs in the Adoption Gallery are slated to be euthanized at close of business this Saturday.
They are fully vetted: spay/neuter, vaccinations, & microchip. (See video of them & list below)
Adoption fees have been waived to the public on these specific dogs.

ALSO, I got told directly they are going to do a ‘sweep’ in light of the holiday. The shelter is Full!
*ALL DOGS ARE AT HIGH RISK* This is serious.

Please go to Petharbor to see ALL dogs needing help!! www.petharbor.com (search Modesto)
Or go to their website:

The shelter is closed Thurs 24th & Fri 25th.
However, rescues can pull dogs on Friday with notice.

Dogs in video in order of appearance:

BLACKIE – #A356438
JOHN WAYNE – #A386704
ARLO – #A408325
ALICE – #A458929
POSEY – #A459014
AUTUMN – #A458966
ROSCO – #A458123
FREYA – #A458961
NENA – #A450056
JUSTICE – #A239946
RAYNE – #A457859
CHIEF – #A454547
RIO – #A458168
ROXANNE – #A458169

PLEASE contact rescue line or email to help:
(209)342-1743 champostmaster@stancounty.com


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