Lost Black & White DSH (Pirate) in Daly City, CA


This was posted by Merisenda Alatorre on behalf of Pirate’s family at the Lost & Found Pets……..Northern California! Facebook group: $500 REWARD IF FOUND – NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Pirate was last seen 10-8-16 near 372 Imperial Way in Daly City.

Here’s some information about Pirate:

Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic short hair
Color: Black and white. His underside is white while most of his top side is black. His face is white with a black patch on the right eye.
Eye color: Yellow green
Age: Approximately 11 years old
Weight: About 11 lbs.

Other info:

He is neutered and microchipped. He was last seen wearing a white and grey collar, but it may have fallen off. He’s pretty friendly and approachable, unless he is scared. In that case, he will hide or keep to himself. If you think you’ve seen him, please take a picture and call/text us with the time and location. Doesn’t matter what time it is!

David: 310-991-2421
Meri: 323-439-7713


2 thoughts on “Lost Black & White DSH (Pirate) in Daly City, CA

    • You’re welcome, Merisenda. I’m sorry that he’s still missing. I’ll hold a good thought that he’s reunited with his family soon.


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