SNAP (Special Needs are Precious) Cats


I learned of SNAP Cats from one of the updates I received from, The Shelter Pet Project. SNAP is in Santa Rosa, CA. It’s in Sonoma Co, which is the county I’m a native of. The executive director, Darryl Roberts, had been involved with both the Rohnert Park & Healdsburg shelters. Both facilities where my husband & I adopted some of our kitties. We do have a special place in our heart for those who are senior and/or challenged. Below is, in part, what SNAP is about. To learn more, please go to: Kitty in the pic is Felix. He’s going on 17 & has renal failure. However, it’s in the early stages & he has another two or three years.

Animal shelters, cat rescues and sanctuaries in Sonoma County are full. Innocent cats are being killed due to lack of space and/or funds. The first cats to be killed are special needs, elderly and feral cats, or cats who aren’t deemed “adoptable.” That’s unacceptable.

SNAP Cats is the only rescue and/or sanctuary in Sonoma County dedicated to special needs cats. SNAP Cats’ specific focus is rescuing these cats, housing them, then finding them loving homes. We believe, if given a few more days or weeks or months, an older or special needs or feral cat can find the home that they deserve.

Therefore all cats at SNAP Cats, regardless of health, age or temperament, are available for adoption or foster care. Those who cannot or are not adopted, due to age, illness or temperament, are able to live out the remainder of their natural lives in a peaceful, healthy, serene environment, free from judgment or harm.


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