Missing Yellow Lab in Kelseyville, CA


This was posted by Victoria Garcia-Shipley on behalf of Yvette Ortiz at the Lost Pet – Found Pet – Lake County Facebook group: $$ RREEWWAARRDD $$
My baby boy, DOZER is still missing! He left early yesterday morning from Kelseyville Riviera. I have walked all around my neighborhood multiple times and talked to about six different people and have drove everywhere and no one has seen him. ): I called the pound today and no one has called for a found dog and none have been brought in. He is only 8 months old, he’s still a baby and I just need him back where he is loved and safe! I really feel like someone took him cause he follows me everywhere, he’s attached to my side as I’m attached to his. Call 707-413-9969 if found. ):


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