Carnation (Tuxedo Kitty) Needing Adoption in Warwick, RI


This was posted by Shelter Pet Project on Facebook. One of the organizations that I received updates from. This story touched me. I’d love to be able to adopt all animals everywhere. Of course, that would go into a hoarder situation & that wouldn’t lead to anything happy or healthy for anyone. If anyone here is from RI or one of your friends/readers might be, please do share this.

Hi, I’m Carnation. I had a wonderful life with a loving human, and then it all fell apart and I ended up in a noisy shelter. The humans here are very nice, and even had me up front where I got lots of attention. I tried so hard to adjust, but I just couldn’t.

It’s been 7 months now, and I’m falling apart. I hide all the time and I’ve clawed my skin raw, even though I have no health problems or skin condition to explain it. The shelter vet here at Care for Animals and PAAWS RI says it’s stress and I need to get out of there, either by being adopted or into a foster home.

My shelter friends say if you adopt me and live near here in Rhode Island, you can have free follow up veterinary care, and they’ll even help out with food and litter! They really love me and want me to be happy again, the way I used to be, how you can see in my “before” and “after” photos.

Please, please help me? I need someone to take me home to a quiet place, and hold me in your lap like my person used to, and let me become my old self again.

Just email if you can help. And if you can’t, please share me!




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