Sweetie and Jaax


Following is part of a story that I had read on, I Heart Cats. SCOOP (Save Cats & Obliterate Over Population, Inc) in Cincinnati, OH received a Tuxedo kitty that was in a poor condition. Rescue workers tried for a week to catch the injured kitty, who was in their feral colony. But she was hurt and terrified, and unable to eat or drink with a severely broken jaw. Finally, the rescuers’ efforts paid off and they were able to apprehend the dehydrated, emaciated cat.

The kitty, who is thought to be 9 or 10 years old, was immediately put on an IV and Dr. Jennifer Jaax performed reconstructive jaw surgery on her shortly after. And despite all the pain and fear that this poor cat had endured, her lovable nature still shone through, and she was given a very fitting name: Sweetie.

A month after the operation, as she was continuing to recover, she gave birth to a single kitten. They didn’t even know she was pregnant. They named the kitten, Jaax, after the doctor who had performed the surgery. Though Sweetie was regaining health, she wasn’t able to produce milk. The rescue staff was able to feed the newborn around the clock. After mealtime, the new mom would clean, cuddle & warm her baby. Here is the link to Sweetie and Jaax’ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SweetieandJaax/



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