Lost German Shepherd in Santa Rosa, CA


This was posted by Jennifer Colletto at the Sonoma County Pets and Lost/Found Facebook group:

LOST German Shepherd • Balder • Santa Rosa, Ca

$$REWARD$$ for safe return

UPDATE 10-13-16: From Balder’s owners… A Good Samaritan discovered Balder running loose on Calistoga Road, after he got hold of him, a couple in a Burgundy Red Porsche Cayenne stopped and told him that they thought the dog belonged to their neighbors and that they would take him there (they were on their way to Calaveras County but said they would go back to return dog). Obviously they were mistaken as this was right outside the ranch area (Balder’s home). So, we are looking for some people who drive a Red Porsche Cayenne. This is the only clue so far. Hopefully when they realize he was not their neighbor’s dog, they will turn him over to the county shelter.

Balder ran away yesterday afternoon 10-12-16 from his families ranch on Calistoga Rd, crossroad Skinner Rd. He is 14 months old and neutered but big for his age. Super friendly and will engage with strangers without hesitation. He is chipped and wearing a choke collar and a flea collar, but unfortunately no tag, as it was sitting on another collar.

Please contact Henrik at 1-415-715-4522 with any information.

Thank you for sharing!


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