Ducky (Pit Mix) in Need of Surgery


This was posted on the Friends of Ukiah Shelter page on Facebook. This is one of the dogs at the shelter where I volunteer. Fortunately, my husband & I were able to donate. If you’re able to contribute as well, please do. If you don’t have PayPal, they do accept checks. If you’re not able to, then, please do hold a good thought & keep him in your prayers. Also, share this with other animal lovers that you know. Much appreciated.

URGENT Medical Emergency! We need to raise 900.00 NOW! This could be life or death for Ducky.
Team, Ducky has been bleeding non-stop from his fine needle aspirate site and he needs to have the mass removed now! The Ukiah Animal Shelter has agreed to allow us to move forward and for that we are very thankful. Dr. Fetherston has graciously offered to get him in tomorrow at Yokayo Veterinary Center to remove the mass and send it in for biopsy. We have a glimmer of hope because although the cytology reports came back inconclusive Ducky’s blood work came back normal. Ducky deserves a chance help us give it to him!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.


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