Kyra Seeks Her Forever Home


This was posted at the Shelter Pet Project page on Facebook. Kyra has been at the shelter for three years. Thankfully they’re obviously a no kill. But, honestly, no animal should have to be at a shelter for three seconds, let alone, three years. The one I volunteer at has very dedicated & compassionate people. Still, a shelter is no place for an animal companion. They all deserve loving & nurturing forever homes.

Do you know what happens if you make a sad dog smile? Every good thing there is!

I don’t know if you’ll win the lottery, get a promotion, or meet Prince or Princess Charming. But I can guarantee you that every morning when you open your eyes, and every night when you fall asleep, your heart will be safe in my paws.

I’m Kyra, and I’ve been waiting at the Taylor County Humane Society in West Virginia for three years – THREE YEARS! – for someone like you to walk in the door, stroll down the aisles, stop by my run, and say, “This is her. This is my dog, my soul mate, my best friend…”

You can make it happen… you can be that person, or you can share me so they can find me. Please help me out?

I’m 6 years old, playful, and like to play with some dog friends and not some others. I walk nicely on a leash, am healthy, and weight a svelte 40 pounds (after coming into the shelter on a neglect case SERIOUSLY STARVING!).

Ready to put a smile on my face with a share or a visit? I will always be grateful to you!

Just email my friends at to find out more or to meet me…

And I hope you won’t think I’m being pushy when I remind you one more time to share me?

Love always,



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