Siamese Kitty Pair Have a Special Bond


There are animals who do create a pair bond for life. Cats don’t usually mate for life. Sometimes siblings or those raised together can be close. As is the case with two female kitties at the shelter where I volunteer. They’re bffs. Below is a story about a male & female kitty that have a strong connection.

A bonded Siamese pair were separated when they were abandoned at the shelter. They had been dropped at a high kill shelter in Los Angeles. When they were separated they became depressed & wouldn’t eat. They were named Omar & Seashells.

The call went out to get them into a foster home quickly. Christina Kay Burlinson, who is associated with Southern California Siamese Rescue took them in. The two were reunited & they soon learned that Seashells was pregnant.

Omar stayed by her side & helped out with the kids. Christina & her husband adopted the pair (renamed Tony & Sheba) & the kittens all found forever homes as well. Please click on, Love Meow, to read the article, see the pics & the vid (which has many more pics). I found it very heartwarming. Hopefully, you will too.


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