Orange & White Kitty Available for Adoption at the Ukiah Shelter



This adorable gal is a volunteer favorite. She wants out of the cage and into your heart. She absolutely loves pets! Loves them! She shelter is a scary place for her. Give her the freedom she deserves! She is a sweetie. Enjoying receiving treats & lovies.

I was actually thinking of adopting her myself. When I believed she was a he. I don’t usually look at their underside. Being orange (which are usually male) & having golden eyes, as one of our male kitties had & a similar temperament to another one of our boys, led me to misidentify. In my own mind, anyway. Our older (19) male cat gets along better with younger males. He’s indifferent toward the girls. We wanted a pal for him since it’s been awhile. After that, we’d adopt females.

**This adoptable pet is located at the Ukiah Animal Shelter, which is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm with Wednesdays open late until 7pm. The address is 298 Plant Road Ukiah, CA. Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter is run by volunteers, animal advocates and animal lovers of Mendocino County, not the staff of the Ukiah Animal Shelter. We now are also a 501c3 nonprofit called Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue (MSPR). This pet is currently not a MSPR pet, although could be if a foster home was found. Please email us at if you would be interested in fostering for Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue: Mendo Shelter Pets


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