Dog Remains by His Dying Friend’s Side


The SPCA in Durban, South Africa got a concerned call about two dogs who had apparently been hit by a train. When people arrived on the scene, it turned out that only one dog was injured. The other puppy, who was later named Hero, had refused to leave his friends side. 

He snuggled her and took special care of her. He even scavenged food and brought it back to her. It was a really touching sight. When inspector Moloi of the SPCA picked up his friend and carried her to the car, Hero followed them the whole way.

Due to her injuries, they needed to put her down. Hero was made available for adoption & they shared this heartwarming story. Hundreds of applications came in. He is now in his forever home. To read the rest of this short article & to see more pics, please go to: Hero Viral


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