Lost Border Collie in Talmage/Ukiah, CA

Earlier today (around 11:30) my husband & I were on Mill Creek. There was a dog running loose. Not sure of the breed. Possible mix. Looking through pics it’s similar to the border collie above. I was actually thinking it might be a collie. Just didn’t think about it being a border one. It was medium size, black & white, longer hair with collar & tags. I slowed down & then stopped since it started to go in front of the car. I think, if we had opened the door, it would have jumped in. It looked friendly, but, lost.
I found a safe spot to pull over & called animal control. Who put me through to the sheriff’s department since it was outside of the city limits. I gave them the information. I didn’t think until later about taking a picture. I’ll have to remember next time, if I come across an animal running free again. I wanted to post this, in case, someone here or someone you know is missing their dog. Probably would be taken to the shelter I volunteer at: Ukiah Shelter 298 Plant Rd Ukiah, CA (707) 463-4427

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