Princess and Sansa–the Two BFFs

princess2   sansa2


princess    sansa


These two smart, sweet & beautiful girls are at the shelter where I volunteer. Princess is the black one & Sansa is the black & grey striped. Both are a bit fluffy. Six months or so in age. They are siblings who have a special bond & really need to be adopted together. At first, they may seem a bit hesitant & shy. No doubt a big part of that is their current accommodations. Honestly, I’d probably be a bit sullen too, if, I was stuck in a little cage. 

Even if they are more on the reserved side, I know from experience with them & similar cats, that they are affectionate, playful & make wonderful companions. If you’re willing to make the time & give them patience & understanding (which one should do with all animals anyway), they will blossom under your care & it will be very rewarding for the three of you.

They both like to chase the balls with bells in them, bat at the kitty wands, enjoy kitty treats & to have head pets & scratches. They also look so cute cuddled up next to each other. One of the reasons they really need to be adopted together. If you or someone you know is able to do that or even foster, please visit the shelter or contact them here: Ukiah Animal Shelter, which is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm with Wednesdays open late until 7pm. The address is 298 Plant Road Ukiah, CA. (707) 463-4427


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