It’s Now a Felony to Abuse Companion Animals in OH

This is very good news. It will be even better if it’s the law in all states & countries. Thanks to Goddard’s Law (House Bill 60), which was signed into law by Gov. John Kasich in June and went into effect this month, anyone who knowingly causes pain or physical harm to a companion animal in Ohio – including depriving the animal of food, water and shelter — will no longer be charged with a mere first-degree misdemeanor. Instead, it’s now a fifth-degree felony.

Goddard’s Law was named after Dick Goddard, a longtime activist and now-retired TV weatherman who for years advocated for tougher animal welfare laws in Ohio. It was introduced by Rep. Dave Hall (a Republican) and Rep. Bill Patmon (a Democrat), who said it was the toughest piece of legislation he’d ever tried to get passed.

The maximum sentence for a fifth-degree felony in Ohio is six to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine. Most fifth-degree felony convictions do not result in prison time. Yes, Ohio’s state’s animal cruelty laws should be tougher, but they’re now better than the slap on the wrist that they used to be. To read the complete article, please go here: Felony to Abuse Companion Animals


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