Female Pit Mix Went Missing in Fernley, NV



This had been posted by Leticia Robinson at the Lost & Found Pets……..Northern California! group: MISSING! PLEASE HELP! This is Olive. She is a 3 yr old, female Pitbull mix. She went missing from the Pilot truck stop in Fernley, NV. We had received a report of her being seen with a homeless man in Sparks, and now the same description of man has been seen with a similar looking dog around the Grocery Outlet in South Lake Tahoe, CA this past Monday, 9/12/16. Olive has very distinct markings. She has an ALL WHITE FACE WITH A PINK BURN SCAR ABOVE HER LEFT EYE. Her right buttock and leg is almost all black and she has black cow spots. She has been missing since 7/21/16, she was driving through town with her truck driver dad, got startled and ran from the cab. We have been searching diligently to get her reunited with her family in Montana as her human mom is battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. Sightings can be posted to our FB Group: SAVING OLIVE. There is also a pinned post with contact numbers to search members. Thank you for your help!


2 thoughts on “Female Pit Mix Went Missing in Fernley, NV

  1. Brigitte, thank you for your beautiful heart! No doubt that your efforts to share the stories of these beautiful furbabies will help to get them rescued! ❤ I appreciate ALL you do!


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